On April 10, 2018, Superior Environmental employees Jonathan Sowder, CGWP and Tracy Hutchinson, P.E. attended the MDEQ sponsored Volatilization to Indoor Air Pathway (VIAP) Workshop in Grand Rapids, MI. The training provided a solid refresher on investigating vapor intrusion for Part 201/213 Sites, real estate property transaction, and due care obligations. It is clear that the MDEQ is striving to provide clear and consistent guidance on the vapor intrusion pathway, however it is also clear that VIAP is still an evolving field and will continue to evolve in the near future. Furthermore, VIAP is also an incredibly complex pathway to investigate, and each site/release needs to be evaluated independently.

If you need to determine if a property you are considering purchasing has a vapor encroachment condition, or would like assistance in investigating the VIAP due to a petroleum or chlorinated release, it is important to pick an environmental consultant that is staying up to date on the most recent VIAP science and regulations, such as 100% Employee-Owned Superior Environmental. We are here to help!

Image from Michigan Department of Environmental Quality