In-Situ Chemical Treatment

In-situ Chemical Oxidation is a process to detoxify or destroy contaminants of concern. It is applicable to a variety of contamination issues including chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons, and herbicide/pesticide contaminants. This remediation approach uses specific chemical materials that are known to react with the contamination in soil and/or groundwater. For some projects, the chemicals are physically mixed with contaminated soils using heavy equipment to blend oxidizing agents such as Potassium Permanganate with solvent contaminated soils.

Superior developed our innovative Ozone Injection Service in the 1990s, using customized Ozone Sparging Trailers developed by our Engineering Department and constructed by our remedial services staff. We designed, installed, and operated these trailers at numerous contaminated sites. They have been used for site cleanup and spot remediation needs.

In the early 2000s, Superior was providing in-situ chemical oxidation services (ISCO) using basic pumping equipment to inject various chemicals into the subsurface, depending on the type of contaminant and the site characteristics. Challenging sites included chlorinated solvents from dry cleaners and manufacturing, and petroleum contamination from both crude and refined oil products. Superior has evolved to use the injection services to treat contaminated sites including those impacted by petroleum, chlorinated solvents and heavy metals over the past five years.