Superior was founded in 1989 to provide specialized assessment and remediation services including Green Technological Approaches using existing and emerging technology such as enhanced natural bioremediation, phytoremediation, and in-situ treatment processes. We pride ourselves of working with customers to understand their needs and give them choices to consider for their environmental projects.

In many cases, Superior has been involved in analyzing different options for our customers and presenting them feasible choices to address the issues impacting them. For over 25 years, Superior has been providing various remediation approaches for reducing or eliminating contaminant levels of soil and groundwater including heavy metals, chlorinated solvents and a range of petroleum hydrocarbons.

We have been in the forefront of providing innovative services as an alternative to the “dig and haul” approach and accordingly do not maintain major excavation and transportation equipment in our organization. We have managed hundreds of excavation projects for customers who choose to take that approach, from planned remediation projects to emergency response management for incidents such as transportation accidents and pipeline spills. In these situations, our service seeks to improve operational efficiencies and control overall project costs.