Project Summary – Pilot Injection Test

2019-01-05T11:11:56-05:00May 10th, 2016, 05:00am|

Superior Environmental Corp was invited to bid on a pilot test scale injection to test how well 50 gallons of the Tersus product NutriSulfate® would be accepted in a shallow water bearing unit of sand bound by an upper and lower clay unit. This saturated sand layer was varied in thickness but predominately bottomed out at approximately 20 feet below ground surface. Upon award of the pilot test, Superior Environmental Corp utilized its innovative injection technology (Badger).

The Badger Injection Solutions system is unparalleled in its ability to create turbulent flow that can be adjusted to match the soils that make up the saturated zone. This turbulent flow allows the injected chemical to come into greater contact with contaminates that are either within the groundwater or adhered to the surrounding soils. The major advantage of a turbulent flow is that the groundwater is not displaced as is the case with a more ‘traditional’ injection method. This pore space mixing with the groundwater allows the chemical to travel further and reach out to much greater distribution areas. Traditional methods, whether a piston type, diaphragm pump, progressive cavity pump, etc. rely on pressure to merely force the injection chemical into the subsurface. This method is limited by the saturated pore space’s ability to accept the induced pressure as it displaces the natural groundwater present. This frequently results in daylighting (shortcircuiting, traveling up the borehole) of the chemical and/or very limited distribution of the injection chemical, which is the hallmark of a poorly executed injection event.

After the very positive hydrostatic testing, Superior returned to the site to inject 1,000 gallons of NutriSulfate® on the site as well as a portion of the downgradient plume across the street. In 12 locations, approximately 80 gallons was injected at each and was completed in a single day of injection. This state funded project is now in the evaluation phase to assess the effectiveness of the chemical and its distribution. The client was very pleased with the Badger’s effectiveness and we look forward to hearing about their results. As always if you cannot get the chemical in contact with the contamination, you cannot get the results you desire.

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