MBIA members who have USTs are subject to Federal rules and operator training requirements. In 2012, the Rules changed to require quarterly UST inspections from a Class B operator starting in 2015. In a conference call with Michigan’s LARA we understand that the new Federal UST rules require the quarterly inspections to now be monthly beginning October 13, 2018. Monthly inspection requirements would be extremely labor intensive and costly to our members, so we were pleased to discover that LARA has been successful in getting the EPA to keep Michigan at a quarterly inspection rate by offering a quarterly test that is more comprehensive than the required monthly test. Through our research on how we could possibly help our members both understand these changes as well as possibly adjust the requirements based on seasonal use, MBIA has seooneclick.com seo san diego the Michigan Petroleum Association (MPA). MPA has asked for the EPA for a three-year delay in the new testing requirements. We will continue to research how we can make adjustments and will shortly post the new requirement information on our MBIA website for MBIA members to review. MBIA thanks Oscar W. Larson for the introduction to the Michigan Petroleum Association and for their recent assistance in the MBIA.

Original article: https://www.mbia.org/news/402724/MBIA-Reviews-Changed-requirements-to-Underground-Storage-Tank-Rules.htm