Tank Cleaning & Fuel Polishing

Superior specializes in aboveground storage tank (AST) and underground storage tank (UST) fuel filtration and tank cleaning services.  Superior’s state-of-the-art fuel filtration system uses specialized equipment with various filters, including 2 to 20 micron particulate filters and 2 to 30 micron Hydrosorb filters, which remove sludge and water from the tank.  Superior’s service generates minimal waste and allows your business to remain operational.

Common problems with fuel quality and storage, such as water absorption, phase separation, and microbial growth, are addressed and managed with Superior’s Fuel Filtration and Tank Cleaning system.  Superior’s fuel quality and tank cleaning specialists offer the following observations:

  • Ethanol fuel – Slow flow, water accumulation, frequent filter changes, and phase separation are all common problems with stored gasoline products.  These problems may result in low pumping rates, UST equipment damage, customer dissatisfaction, and invested product losses.  When enough water and ethanol mix, a milky color layer can form at the bottom of the tank, which is called phase separation.  Cloudy and discolored samples collected from the tank bottom indicate that the fuel contains water.  The samples collected after Superior’s processes are clear, showing a successful filtration process.
  • Low sulfur diesel/heating oil – Water accumulation and microbial growth are common problems in stored diesel products.  These problems may result in corrosion, filter problems, and compromised performance of the UST or AST system.  During winter months, excess water in the tank can result in the formation of ice crystals in filters and cause low flow rates.  Water in the fuel can enhance microbial growth, which can cause accumulation of microbial growth, fuel degradation, and aggressive wear on metal.
  • Sludge and settled solids – Condensation, microbial growth, and fuel decay can create a layer of sludge and particulate debris at the bottom of a tank.  This debris is very acidic and leads to degradation of the UST system equipment resulting in down-time and costly repairs.  Superior’s cleaning and filtration process will remove sludge and debris from the tank bottom and address these problems.


Paul Graham, Plant Maintenance Supervisor, Greenwich Hospital