Fuel Quality Monitoring Program

Fuel sampling and evaluation is the key to determining when a problem exists.  While water at the bottom of your tanks may be easily visible, the quality and stability of your fuel investment is not.  Superior offers a fuel quality monitoring program based on your specific needs to help protect your investment and to better serve your customers.  We offer quarterly, semi-annual, and annual monitoring programs.

Our specially designed programs include a visual inspection of your fuels, and in some cases, a complete lab analysis.  Lab analysis of your fuels can provide you with solutions to correct any of your fuel problems, as well as maintain the quality of your fuel.

Superior’s fuel quality monitoring program can be customized to your needs.  Lab analysis may include:

  • Microorganisms (microbial growth)
  • Octane index (gasoline)
  • Calculated cetane index (diesel fuels)
  • Flash point water and sediment
  • American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity
  • Distillation