Certified Operator Inspections

All owner/operators of federally regulated underground storage tanks (USTs) must be state certified in the operation and maintenance of their USTs. Under our Tank Services division, Superior is able to provide certified Class A and Class B Operators within your area to assist owner/operators in maintaining compliance with the new state and federal mandates. Maintenance and repair services are also available in order to extend the operational life of your USTs and aboveground storage tank systems.

Superior provides you with confidence that the integrity of your investment in the UST system retains value and that common compliance problems with fuel storage systems are addressed and managed. Superior’s services also include violation resolution, tank compliance inspection, alarm responses, troubleshooting repairs, testing management programs, and training.

Class A Operator: The Class A Operator has primary statutory and regulatory responsibility to operate and maintain the underground tank system. As a Class A Operator, Superior can administer the responsibilities of managing resources and personnel to achieve and maintain compliance with regulations. Such compliance responsibilities include operator training, system and financial record keeping, registration and reporting, tank piping system maintenance, inspection, overfill control prevention including release detection requirements of tank systems and piping, as well as corrosion protection system, testing and equipment compatibility.

Class B Operator: The Class B Operator implements day-to-day field aspects of operating, maintaining, and recordkeeping of the underground tank system. As a Class B Operator, Superior can manage for you the responsibilities of maintaining tank and piping system equipment components. Our Class B Operators maintain overfill protection, fill devices, release detection systems, well monitoring, product reconciliation records, tank gauging, corrosion protection, equipment compatibility, containment methods and monitoring, as well as providing tank testing.