Emergency Response

Superior has a unique set of skills and equipment required to respond to environmental emergencies.  Superior has team members who are trained in the Incident Command System (ICS) and who are able to perform initial assessments of environmental spills and releases, as well as provide longer term source and plume identification and tracking.  Our team has been involved in the responses of numerous, high publicity, catastrophic spills where Superior mobilized personnel and equipment to rapidly assess and track spilled materials whether underground, on water, or on land.  Once the initial assessment is in progress, our staff is able to assist in regulatory briefings to ensure that the science behind the situation is easily understood.

Superior’s emergency response and monitoring teams are skilled in providing the following services:

  • Initial assessment and site inspections
  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Health and safety monitoring
  • Potable water assessments
  • Surface water sampling
  • Sediment sampling
  • ICS team participation
  • Contaminant tracking with Geoprobe® drilling rig and laser induced florescence
  • Product recovery activities (active and passive)
  • Database construction and population
  • On-site laboratory for rapid data acquisition
  • Geophysical assessment of spill areas (mapping)
  • Strike team activities
  • Boom deployment for open water spills
  • Erosion control permitting
  • Waste management (water, product, soil)
  • Mapping (using geographical information system and computer aided drafting)

Superior also maintains a network of allied service providers who can mobilize heavy equipment, vacuum trucks, boats, containment booms, portable office space, concession providers, aerial reconnaissance, and other equipment that might become necessary in responding to releases.