Analytical Sampling and Services

Superior has established contracts with qualified analytical testing laboratories.  These independent laboratories offer a full range of environmental analytical methods used in the technical services Superior provides.  The laboratories provide us service on a prioritized basis and give rapid turnaround service (24 to 48 hours) in cases where time is of primary importance.

Superior’s contracted independent laboratories routinely provide the following services:

  • Soil analysis
  • Groundwater analysis
  • Soil gas vapor analysis
  • Mold and asbestos analysis
  • Leaded paint analysis
  • Air analysis

Superior offers field screening services using photoionization detectors and field gas chromatographs for determining the presence and extent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the fieldusing United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) 601/602 screening methodologies.  Both services allow for field evaluation of environmental conditions within relatively short time frames, creating a shorter turnaround time for reporting and a cost-effective approach to site assessment and remediation that reduces or eliminates future mobilizations.