Badger Injection

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The Badger Injection System (Badger) is an innovative way to effectively deliver a wide range of remediation chemicals to the subsurface.

Badger is a proprietary injection system that has proven toinject a variety of in-situ remediation products both further and faster than conventional technologies. Badger has delivered unprecedented radius, distribution, contact, monitoring and controls for in-situ remedial products during injection delivery events. Ongoing equipment, tooling and process refinements, along with the ability to quickly make adjustments (variable) to match a myriad of subsurface conditions maximizes subsurface distributive contact. With an ongoing improvement process, sensor and software resources were developed to provide data tables to ensure consistency in delivery expectations and document projects.

Badger Injection Technology uses the most current innovative subsurface delivery technology available, a Kinetically Adjusted Pore Space Dilation (KAPSD) injection. Whether the in-situ materials are Reductive Dechlorination (RDC), Chemical Oxidation (ISCO), or Biological Amendments, Badger actually delivers these products where they are needed to be in contact with the contaminant.

Delivery + Contact = Treatment
Superior Environmental Corp’s Remedial Services Division focuses on being the in-situ chemical applications specialists using Badger. Our expertise is getting a selected remediation product in contact with the lentra. Badger is proving to be measurably more effective and intrinsically safer due to its lower pressure/high volume capabilities.

Superior, as the Great Lakes Badger Technology Service Provider, is part of the Badger network, a series of companies using Badger. This teaming and networking relationship is thoroughly described at the Badger Injection Solutions Website:

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