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New Michigan Law Significantly Reduced Deductible for UST Insurance

Last week, Governor Snyder gave owners and operators (O/O) of petroleum underground storage tanks an early Christmas present by signing House Bill 5599, creating Public Act 380 of 2016 which amends Part 215, Underground Storage Tank (UST) Corrective Action Funding, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended. The amendments significantly reduce the deductibles for O/O who use the Michigan Underground Storage Tank Authority (MUSTA) as their insurance (O/O are required to have insurance for [...]

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Superior Adds Professional Engineer to the Superior Solutions Team

Tracy Hutchinson P.E. has joined Superior Environmental to assist our Real Estate Services Group. Tracy has 22 years of experience providing civil and environmental engineering related services in Michigan and surrounding Midwest states. Superior has provided due diligence services since its founding over 28 years ago! These services include due diligence products for property transactions and financing purposes including transaction screens, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Baseline Environmental Assessments, and Due Care plans. Superior provides a number of real estate [...]

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Superior Adds Experienced Scientist – Terry Lendy

Mr. Terry Lendy has joined Superior's Springfield, Illinois, office to provide a number of professional services for Environmental Compliance.   Terry serves as a Staff/Field Scientist and has over 22 years of experience in the environmental field in meeting the needs of both public and private sector clients. His technical experience includes wetland investigations, soil and groundwater sampling, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, asbestos inspections, and mold investigations. Terry has been involved in various environmental projects throughout Illinois, [...]

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Regulatory Changes Affecting Marina Fueling Stations

Article by Jonathan Sowder, Project Scientist at Superior Environmental Corp, as it appeared in the 2nd Quarter 2016 issue of Marine Trade News from Michigan Boating Industries Association.   Although it is very convenient for boaters to refill their gas tanks at the marina dock, there exists a certain amount of liability for the marinas that sell the fuel. A lot of work and infrastructure goes into storage and dispensing fuel, and even with the best intentions, sometimes the underground [...]

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New Real Estate Services Team Leader – James Bresko

Mr. James Bresko has 28 years of experience providing environmental services and solutions. Jim has conducted and managed numerous Phase I ESAs and Transaction Screens of industrial, commercial, residential, and undeveloped properties, in Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, as well as Michigan specific Phase II ESAs, Baseline Environmental Assessments, and Due Care Plans. Jim has also provided nation-wide national account environmental management services for large lending institutions. He has conducted and/or [...]

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Badger Injection

The Badger Injection System (Badger) is an innovative way to effectively deliver a wide range of remediation chemicals to the subsurface. Badger is a proprietary injection system that has proven toinject a variety of in-situ remediation products both further and faster than conventional technologies. Badger has delivered unprecedented radius, distribution, contact, monitoring and controls for in-situ remedial products during injection delivery events. Ongoing equipment, tooling and process refinements, along with the ability to quickly make adjustments (variable) to match a [...]

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Project Summary – Pilot Injection Test

Superior Environmental Corp was invited to bid on a pilot test scale injection to test how well 50 gallons of the Tersus product NutriSulfateĀ® would be accepted in a shallow water bearing unit of sand bound by an upper and lower clay unit. This saturated sand layer was varied in thickness but predominately bottomed out at approximately 20 feet below ground surface. Upon award of the pilot test, Superior Environmental Corp utilized its innovative injection technology (Badger). The Badger Injection [...]

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MUSTA Buy-Down Deductible Due by March 31

Notice to Owners/Operators in Michigan with 7 or Fewer USTs: MUSTA Buy-Down Deductible Due by March 31, 2016 If you own 7 or fewer refined petroleum underground storage tanks (USTs) and you want to use the new Michigan Underground Storage Tank Authority (MUSTA) fund as your financial responsibility mechanisms, then you should be aware of the following information: The deductible for a release is $50,000. However, if you own 7 or less USTs, you can reduce the deductible per release [...]

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