Enbridge Energy

Enbridge Energy is involved in many aspects of the energy distribution business, including operating oil pipelines. On July 26, 2010, a crude oil leak was detected near Marshall, Michigan. The company estimates that approximately 19,500 barrels of crude oil may have been released from the pipeline, and some of the crude oil migrated into Talmadge Creek and traveled down to the Kalamazoo River.

What is most notable about this story is that as soon as the company detected a possible oil leak, Mr. Robert Steede, Manager, Environment Operations – U.S., contacted Superior for help. On January 28, 2011, Mr. Steede contacted Superior again, but this time, it was to thank Superior’s staff for the work they did in response to the oil spill and its associated cleanup. Mr. Steede wrote the following:

“This week marked the 6 month anniversary of (the oil spill in) Marshall. In some ways it doesn’t feel that long and in other ways it feels much longer. The first phone call that I made on July 26th was to Superior. I have no regrets with that decision. Reflecting on the early days, it is hard to believe that we have accomplished what we have in 6 months. I want to thank you and your staff for the hard work, personal sacrifices, and assistance in Marshall.”

Mr. Robert Steede, P.E.
Enbridge Energy

State of Michigan
(regarding the former Zephyr Refinery)

Superior was contracted by the State of Michigan to provide remedial engineering design, construction, and operation services for a free-product recovery and groundwater remediation system at the former Zephyr Refinery in North Muskegon, Michigan. The refinery property, covering approximately 120 acres, operated until 1968.

Superior’s innovative remediation design used the existing above ground storage tanks as fixed-film biological reactors. This design resulted in a significant capital cost savings. Superior conducted all the underground construction and configured the pumps, flow meters, and other appurtenances. Approximately 240 gallons per minute are currently being treated and re-injected into the sub surface.

Mr. Stanley Mathuram has been providing Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) on behalf of the State of Michigan regarding Superior’s work on this project. Mr. Mathuram wrote the following:

“I have worked with Superior staff on the Zephyr project for over 10 years. Over this time period, I have found their attention to details and responsiveness to dealing with the tasks at hand and the issues that arise when working on such a large project to be of the highest quality. It is without hesitation that I would recommend them as a team member on any project.”

Mr. Stanley Mathuram
Eco Conservation Group

Mary Jane Rhoades, Rhoades McKee

Ms. Mary Jane Rhoades is an attorney who concentrates her practice in real estate law with a particular emphasis on environmental law. She has significant experience with the unique environmental due diligence and clean up processes in Michigan. Her expertise also includes state and federal regulatory matters and environmental liability issues. Ms. Rhoades regularly counsels clients regarding how to avoid and manage environmental liabilities under state and federal law and has extensive experience with legal issues related to underground storage tanks (USTs), asbestos, and waste management.

Ms. Rhoades has worked with Superior for many years. Her reliance in Superior is reflected by the trust she places with Superior working with some of her most important clients. Ms. Rhoades wrote the following:

“For over 20 years, I have routinely relied upon the expertise and reliability of Superior Environmental Corp to serve my clients’ diverse environmental needs. They have earned my confidence as a first rate deliverer of quality environmental services.”

Ms. Mary Jane Rhoades PC
Rhoades McKee

City of Ironton, Ohio

The City of Ironton has been making a concerted effort to assess, clean-up and revitalize Brownfield properties throughout their community. They have engaged numerous environmental consulting firms over the years, but in 2010, they began working with Superior Environmental Corp to assist with the clean-up and revitalization of a portion of the Ohio Riverfront. In Mayor Richard Blankenship’s words:

“This was a wise decision.”

Superior as a Corporation and the project team assigned to the City have, simply put, done an excellent job. They thoroughly reviewed all the available environmental data, developed a clear and concise understanding of the environmental issues, listened to the wants and needs of the City and successfully prepared a grant for site remediation for which we received over $1,580,000.

Their team immediately began implementation of remedial action. Recently, in a meeting with the State of Ohio, the comment was made “this has been one of the most rapid executions of remedial work we have ever funded”. It was further stated that “the information organization and presentation is excellent”.

We are extremely pleased with the services Superior Environmental Corp has provided to our community. We would use them again and endorse Superior to any organization considering using their services.

Mayor Richard Blankenship
City of Ironton