Superior People

Superior’s employees are its most valuable asset and key to the company’s success. Superior strives to cultivate exemplary leadership and exceptional staff. Our goal is to have a culture committed to excellence, continuous learning, and open, honest communication.

We invest in the satisfaction of our employees, believing that a happy employee is a fundamental part of having satisfied clients.


As of April, 2017, Superior’s Project Managers, Senior Staff Scientists, and Engineers have an average of over 25 years of professional work experience and have been with our company an average of more than 12 years. The average experience of all our staff is more than 20 years in the industry and 12.5 years with our company. Their professional experience with many different projects combined with a long history with our firm provides our clients with very effective project management and a solid Project Team to meet their needs.

Staff Training

Superior encourages all staff to participate in continuing education programs. The company sponsors internal training programs at all levels, often inviting experts from outside the company. Staff also participates in professional seminars particular to their own areas of expertise and interest.